3 Best Online Music Apps To Create Free Songs Playlist

Internet has changed the world of media, and music is no exception from this list. Now most of the people are only listening their favorite tracks using music streaming services without downloading it.Many people looking for the online music streaming services.So we’re going to help you by listing 3 of the best music apps that provide playlists.


 As the name suggests it, 8tracks provides you all the latest beats from the music world and in addition it also provides you with the option to create songs playlist online that you can use for listening to your favorite music anytime you want. There’s no limit on adding number of songs in any playlist.


 Soundcloud is a personal hub for artists to share their music and make it something that they like over the cloud. You can upload your own tracks or make a playlist out of tracks uploaded by anyone from the web. All you have to do is to signup for a free account and add your favorite songs in your playlists, you can create as many playlists as you want.


 The main feature of Playmoss is it’s amazing Playlist creation, that is a huge upside. Playmoss can be compared to grooveshark in terms of good music and it’s recently released playlist feature is something that may catch anyone’s eye. If you’re someone that loves to move out and like your music to move with you every time you go out, this is what you need. You can also install Playmoss chrome browser addon, so you can save any song, playing on any website to your playlist by just right clicking anywhere on the screen.

 With these amazing web services, you can move with your favorite songs wherever you go. You can also get their Android or iOS apps to create songs playlists and listen to music on the go.

Best 5 Free Spell & Grammar Checking Tools

When you need to quickly check grammar, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and most importantly, plagiarism. Such errors can still unintentionally creep into your writing pieces and it is best to double check for them before you submit your articles.These tools are best in checking and correcting English grammar and spellings.


 Grammarly is an grammar checking online tool which you can use on the web while writing something online or on the computer. You need to simply install its toolbar in the Chrome so that you can write flawlessly at anytime, anywhere. From compiling a business email to posting on Facebook, the app will keep checking for the writing errors and will also correct them if you want.


 It’s an online free grammar check tool where you have to paste the content you want to check for grammatical mistakes. All your mistakes will be identified by red markings. It will provide you with different suggestions for writing, in blue color and all your grammatical mistakes will be highlighted with green color. Along with these assistance, the app will also give suggestions for active and passive content.


 If you pen down a lot of articles in a day, this is the best app for you if you find it hectic to visit a particular website again and again. Ginger is known as one of the most used grammar and spell check programs. It comes with a number of browsers add-on tools to give you error free writing.


Another free online grammar checker. Not only will Slick Write recover all your errors but will also analyze your writing and will accord you with suggestions to further improve your writing style.


 PaperRater is just another free online spell checker to in our recommendations. Apart from checking the mistakes and recovering them, it will also analyze your title and proper suggestions will be made to you. Once the article is completely analyzed, you’ll be given a score based on your document & writing expertise.

Free to Learn Any Language in the World With Duolingo

One of the most popular and well-known tools for learning a language online is DuoLingo. DuoLingo is completely free.DuoLingo is a free online language learning app which offers nine language courses for native English speakers. The language courses include Spanish with more than 30 million learners online, Irish with half a million learners and Italian with about 8 million learners, you can literally learn any language in the world for FREE. Not only confined to this, DuoLingo also encompasses language courses of language speakers other than English. The courses include English for Czech speakers, French for Portuguese speakers and more.

 How Does it Work?

 This web service is a great example of sincere language app to learn foreign language online. The app is really simple to use. All you have to do is setup a profile, choose a language and set your weekly goals. Each course is made up of some goals in DuoLingo which are usually grouped in order to form skills. The app also dictates the order with which you will need to finish the modules. The new modules only become active once you complete the previous ones. The same thing goes with the lessons too. You are supposed to complete lesson one in order to go to lesson two and so forth. DuoLingo also allows you to test the individual modules along with the group of skills. When you press the ‘test out’ button, the app lets you go for a shortcut if you intend to avoid reading the individual lessons which cover some familiar material. However, you are supposed to go through a test for that, as there are no shortcuts in learning a language. The same test option also applies when beginning a new lesson or language. Either you can start with the basics or an entry test can be passed to let the app determine where you stand in the fluency chart. A new vocabulary is mostly taught with pictures and the grammar points are often explained with little bubbles of speech. Listening exercises are also enlisted where you type what you hear and also, speaking exercises where you need to say what you listen to. If you use DuoLingo on a public transport, it can be a very funny situation. DuoLingo is not the only language learning website available on the internet, but it is, undoubtedly, an excellent addition to a learner’s toolbox. It is easy to use, fun and actually works. Though, do not forget to nail the homework tasks. If you are looking forward to achieve real fluency, don’t forget to honestly read, speak and live the language which you are learning.

 Free App DuoLingo

3 Cheap & Free Hosting Providers for Students

Student web hosting is a type hosting service that is student-oriented for class, project, blogging, hobby, education and other purposes of students.There are hundreds of companies and websites who provide web hosting and domain solutions to millions of people worldwide. The problem is finding the right and best solution provider is like searching needle in a haystack. Specifically, when it comes to students, they always look for cheap and reliably working domain plans. Here are some really cheap & free hosting providers for students projects.

 000WebHostFree Web Hosting

 000WebHost is a crowned king in the industry of providing free web domain and hosting services without tolerating any crappy advertisements. The provider charges absolutely no hidden costs which are depicted in their name as well ($0.00). With no restrictive terms and no advertisements at all, the provider is a must try for students who are looking for free domains. The speed is claimed to be as fast as light; excellent customer support and maximum reliability gives it number one place in our list. The host is the only free web domain company which guarantees a 99% up time. You can cross check this statement at their website where they show all the stats. For most of the servers, the up time also crossed 99% to stop at 99.9%. No other host provider can guarantee this accuracy and efficiency.

 Web Hosting For Students

 Web Hosting For Students is an ideal place to crash for the students who need hosting plans to practice specific hosting files for a course or the students who are supposed to host personal and school projects. The service is also open for professional students who like to host client-side, along with their existing work, you can also buy a domain name with your hosting account. The web hosting company offers different plans. One plan is designed especially for average web designers who are students and at the same time, need a simple yet affordable plan in order to design and host the school projects. The student plan gives the ability to host multiple sites at one time with a single account. The plan includes databases and emails as well. For the professional ones, the host provides 3 client websites for only $10 a month to earn more profit.

SiteGroundAffordable Hosting For Students

Site Ground offers extremely cheap solution for web hosting and domains for students. The plans include solutions for organizations, educators and scholars other than students. They do not want students to compromise on some unreliable hosting plans. For this reason, their price range is cheap and according to the industry standards. The host offers $1.99 a month for students and it may differ for other purposes or organizations. They give special pricing for students for a one-year limit which are easy to use with great technical support.