7 easiest steps

Fallow 7 Easiest Steps to Transfer Your Blackberry Contacts to Your iPhone.

Many people may find it annoying and difficult to transfer contacts from blackberry to iPhone, but its not as difficult as it seems.There are just a few simple steps to fallow, and ... Continue Reading →
helpful Tips

Make Your Life Easy With Some Helpful Tips

Remove the stems of Green chillies to store for a longer time. If  lemon becomes dry or hard put it in warm water for 5-10 minutes so that you can squeeze easily. By adding half of ... Continue Reading →
useful tips

How to Use Devastated Things of Kitchen

These useful tips will help you in your kitchen. 1)Vegetables can be Regrow cut the green onion from white side. then put them in a glass of water and let them get some sunlight. You ... Continue Reading →
FB logout

Automatically Log Out of Facebook With Firefox

Leaving your Facebook account logged-in will definitely put your privacy under risk. But sometimes you might forget to log out of Facebook or you might get a phone call that makes you ... Continue Reading →

Five Tips For Using Facebook on Firefox

Status updates. Gaming. Photo sharing. These are all part of the Facebook experience online. They’re important parts of the Firefox browsing experience as well! Here are some tips ... Continue Reading →
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