Electric E-Bike With Awesome Design

FEDDZ will win you over with its esthetics and functionality, giving you a new attitude toward urban life. New electric mobility with a radically new design or Whatever you want to ... Continue Reading →

What Is Google Glass And How You Will Use It

Google Glass is likes glasses you can wear like regular but these glasses are loaded with technology, and when and where you need to connect with world and you can do it easily and ... Continue Reading →
Calculate the Lifetime of the Sun

To Know About the Lifetime of Sun

The Birth of the Sun The Sun (and all the planets) started their lives in a giant cloud of cold molecular gas and dust. And then about 4.6 billion years ago, something bumped into the ... Continue Reading →
Best Affordable Smartphones

Best Affordable Smartphones

1-INQ Cloud Touch- A cheap and cheerful Android-powered smartphone featuring an almost toy-like design, but harbouring a bumper crop of social networking and music features inside. ... Continue Reading →

How the Brain Hears Words After Paralysis or Stroke.

WASHINGTON: US scientists said Wednesday they have found a way to decode how the brain hears words, in what researchers described as a major step toward one day helping people communicate ... Continue Reading →
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