3 Cheap & Free Hosting Providers for Students

Student web hosting is a type hosting service that is student-oriented for class, project, blogging, hobby, education and other purposes of students.There are hundreds of companies and websites who provide web hosting and domain solutions to millions of people worldwide. The problem is finding the right and best solution provider is like searching needle in a haystack. Specifically, when it comes to students, they always look for cheap and reliably working domain plans. Here are some really cheap & free hosting providers for students projects.

 000WebHostFree Web Hosting

 000WebHost is a crowned king in the industry of providing free web domain and hosting services without tolerating any crappy advertisements. The provider charges absolutely no hidden costs which are depicted in their name as well ($0.00). With no restrictive terms and no advertisements at all, the provider is a must try for students who are looking for free domains. The speed is claimed to be as fast as light; excellent customer support and maximum reliability gives it number one place in our list. The host is the only free web domain company which guarantees a 99% up time. You can cross check this statement at their website where they show all the stats. For most of the servers, the up time also crossed 99% to stop at 99.9%. No other host provider can guarantee this accuracy and efficiency.

 Web Hosting For Students

 Web Hosting For Students is an ideal place to crash for the students who need hosting plans to practice specific hosting files for a course or the students who are supposed to host personal and school projects. The service is also open for professional students who like to host client-side, along with their existing work, you can also buy a domain name with your hosting account. The web hosting company offers different plans. One plan is designed especially for average web designers who are students and at the same time, need a simple yet affordable plan in order to design and host the school projects. The student plan gives the ability to host multiple sites at one time with a single account. The plan includes databases and emails as well. For the professional ones, the host provides 3 client websites for only $10 a month to earn more profit.

SiteGroundAffordable Hosting For Students

Site Ground offers extremely cheap solution for web hosting and domains for students. The plans include solutions for organizations, educators and scholars other than students. They do not want students to compromise on some unreliable hosting plans. For this reason, their price range is cheap and according to the industry standards. The host offers $1.99 a month for students and it may differ for other purposes or organizations. They give special pricing for students for a one-year limit which are easy to use with great technical support.


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