Naturally Get Rid of Birthmark

These natural remedies can be made at home using natural ingredients which are known to help get rid of birthmarks.Here are a few all natural home remedies for marks.They might lighten or even remove the birth mark but, in some cases you might see no results. This all depends on the size, color, location and type of birthmark.

 Lemon juice :

 Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties; apply once a day for removing birthmark or to lighten the mark.

 Ice pack: 

 The ice pack will help with blood flow and tighten skin pores, wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and apply regularly to the birthmark.

 Removing a Birthmark with Tomato juice:

 The antioxidant properties of tomato juice help in reducing skin cell damage, squeeze fresh tomato juice on the birthmark once a day.

 Vitamin E and Orange oil for Removing marks:

 The antioxidants in vitamin E help in fighting free radical damage to our skin cells. A mixture of vitamin E and orange oil can be applied twice a day for a birthmarks treatment.

 Remove birth marks naturally with Olive oil: 

The moisturizing effect of olive oil will soften the birthmark and might even lighten the area, massage twice daily for 10 min with olive oil.

 Use papaya and apricot:
 Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which exfoliates the skin by uncovering new cells and bringing these new cells to the surface of the skin giving it a lighter appearance. You can get papaya soaps and creams, which you can apply to your birthmark two to three times a day. Apricots also contain enzymes that may lighten birthmarks in some individuals, and there are a number of apricot skin scrubs on the market. Alternatively, use fresh fruit and apply slices of the fruit directly onto the birthmark for 10 minutes. Repeat daily and rinse off the fruit juice with warm water.

Iodine solution:

 Iodine can be used to remove moles. A few drops of iodine solution should be applied twice daily on the mole. After some time the mole will come off on its own. Take care when using iodine since it is a toxic product.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

 Using apple cider vinegar can help in getting rid of moles. A few drops are placed on a cotton swab and then placed on it. This should be done on regular basis until the mole disappears.

 Birthmark Creams: 

 There are creams that can be used to remove birthmarks available in both walk in beauty shops and online too. They can be purchased without prescription and applied on the birthmark twice daily until the birthmark fades away. These are quite effective.

 Remember that these natural remedies for pigmentation are only for correcting the cosmetic appearance of birthmarks and that you should consult a doctor if the birthmark is creating any problems .


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