Keep an Eye on Your Kids Online Activities With the Help of These Apps

The internet is a wonderful educational tool that children are increasingly expected to use to support their learning. However, the online world does have a dark side. As a modern parent, it is your responsibility to protect your children from online as well as offline dangers.The internet has both good and bad effects on kids and it’s up to the parents to take care of their online activity. Instead of banning the internet on them, just keep an eye on their online activity with the help of these super amazing apps.


 Mobicip is a unique way to keep an eye on your kids as they do some bad online activity.With Mobicip you can ban websites easily as the websites that are PG automatically add to the bad list. Not just that, you can even keep an eye on your children even when you’re out with its iOS and Android applications.

 Web Watcher

Web Watcher does exactly what you tell it to do. Ban websites or even handle them remotely and allow access for just a few pages. Make sure anything your child visits is appropriate for them with Web Watcher. The best part about Web Watcher is that it provides you with more ease each month with better updates and on a pricing package that you would definitely love.

 Net Nanny

 Net Nanny works exactly like its name suggests it works. Taking care of what your kid explores over the web is what Net Nanny does.Net Nanny integrates into your children’s computer and not only bans any websites that you may need but also informs you if your kid is trying to access any blocked website.


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