Free Screencast Software for Windows

Using screencasting tools can be a great way to create comprehensive video tutorials, demonstrate how to use software and/or specific features, as well as live stream and share content. Most run relatively quickly, flawlessly recording whatever audio and video plays through your speakers and shows up on your monitor’s screen, respectively.The most popular are shared below which are free and are most widely used around.Here are the best screen casting and recording tools available for Windows,

 TechSmith’s Jing Jing is a web and computer service, letting you to record basic video, still images and animation which can then be shared online on different platforms. Jing offers you to capture screenshot or record screen videos easily. Simply select the region or window that you intend to capture, mark that region with a text box, highlight it and it all begins. The video, then, can be saved on the system or can be shared on the web. The videos can be uploaded to and can also be shared through email, IM, social media, etc. The web service also provides a detailed set of free tutorials for the new ones, with less knowledge of the web service.

 Dahu App Dahu app works on a different phenomenon as compared to Jing. They believe that videos are quite hard to edit and navigate. They also find badly compressed videos very difficult to read. Instead of capturing each and every movement on the screen like a video, Dahu uses an array of still images which looks like an actual video to the user. This is done in a way that the mouse movements are captured at each step and then animations are created from the start till the end. These mouse movements can be edited afterwards. The animations can be viewed on any web browser as Dahu incorporates HTML, CSS and JavaScript and it does not require any additional plugin.

 CamStudio Don’t confuse CamStudio with Camtasia Studio, which is a premium screencasting program that will set you back a few hundred dollars. CamStudio is entirely free and allows you to create robust screencasts without much trouble.CamStudio would win by a landslide. The freemium software offers options for capturing both audio and video, along with a set of features that allow you to add text annotations, choose a custom video cursor, and alter the video’s image quality. With CamStudio, users can choose whether to broadcast the entirety of what’s on their display, a specify what part of their display they want to show off using the software’s Autopan feature.


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