Notable Moments Which Makes Twitter's History

A billion messages are sent on Twitter every 2½ days. Twitter is now one of the best social platforms of the moment. At first, Twitter was called twttr. Since then, the little blue bird has come a long way. Between the arrival of the stars on the network, death announcements, or IPO, Twitter has grown.I present twenty two famous, and infamous, tweets and Twitterers: 1.March 21, 2006 : Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet “just setting up my twttr .” 2.July 15, 2006 : Twttr is launched to the public . 3.August 2007: Chris Messina is the first user to use the hashtag (#). 4.March 2008: Twitter has 1.3 million registered users. 5.June 19, 2008 : NASA announced on Twitter MarsPhoenix they have found water on Mars account ! 6.October 2008: Evan Williams replaces Jack Dorsey as CEO of Twitter . 7.January 2009: Janis Krum became famous by being the first to tweet the event the plane splashed down in the Hudson River off Manhattan . The tweet was sent 15 minutes before the official announcement on the media. 8.April 2009: Twitter has 6 million registered users. 9.April 16, 2009 : Oprah Winfrey gets 100,000 subscribers in one day with his first tweet on Twitter! 10.May 2009: Michael J. Massimino is the first astronaut to tweet from space. 11.June 25, 2009 : the announcement of the death of King of Pop Michael Jackson generates 456 tweets per second. 12.September 2010: Twitter has 145 million registered users. 13.October 2010: Dick Costolo replaces Evan Williams to lead the direction of Twitter . 14.January 1, 2011 : The Japanese celebrate the new year by setting a record for tweets per second , 6939 ! 15.28 March 2011: Charlie Sheen joins Twitter and becomes the user reaches the faster one million subscribers. 16.May 1, 2011 : the death of Osama bin Laden creates 3,440 tweets between 10:45 p.m. ET 00:30. 17.August 28, 2011 : the announcement of Beyonce ‘s pregnancy causes 8,868 tweets per second. 18.September 2011: Twitter has 200 million registered users. 19.June 5, 2012 : The Blue Bird became the new logo Twitter . 20.November 7, 2012 : Barack Obama ‘s tweet “Four more years” became the most retweeted post in the history of Twitter! 21.December 2012: Pope joins Twitter! 22.September 12, 2013 : Twitter announces next IPO via a tweet.


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