Free Best Twitter Clients

Twitter becoming more and more popular each year.Here the best and free Twitter clients for PC, Mac, Windows, Linux and iPhone.

 TweetDeck (Windows/Mac/Linux/iPhone, Free) TweetDeck boasts the ability to monitor multiple social-networking services, in this case Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. You can fight Twitter spam with a built-in spam monitor, follow topics with saved searches, and preview shortened URLs from within TweetDeck. You can use TweetDeck to manage multiple Twitter accounts from one interface and thanks to web-based TweetDeck accounts you can back up and sync your TweetDeck profile across multiple machines.

 Brizzly (Web-Based, Free) If you've been reading over the various Twitter clients in today's Hive Five and thinking "I don't want some fancy application, I just want the actual Twitter web site to be more functional!", then you'll definitely want to check out Brizzly. The first thing that strikes you after logging into your Brizzly account is how similar it is to the actual Twitter interface—except vastly improved. Shortened URLs are automatically expanded, links to pictures and videos are automatically thumb-nailed and easy to preview. The left and right navigation columns are fixed, so as you scroll through the tweets you never lose sight of useful links. Brizzly is a super-charged version of the Twitter web interface. One thing, if you're ready to try Brizzly out. You'll need an invitation to the service. Fortunately invitations aren't hard to come by, Twitter is buzzing with them. Search Twitter with this link and check out invitations until you find one with an active use left.

 Seesmic (Web-Based/Windows/Mac, Free) Seesmic not only has a diverse platform base—you can use it on the web, on your PC or Mac, and on your iPhone [Oops! The iPhone app is still under development.]—but you can also use it not only for keeping up on Twitter, but Facebook too. The Seesmic desktop application, built on Adobe Air, is quite configurable. You can specify which URL shortening and image hosting services you want to use, what kind of notifications you receive, how large of an event timeline Seesmic will build, and how you want all that information displayed. Video and pictures can be inserted into and shared directly from Seesmic.

 Tweetie (Mac/iPhone, Free) Tweetie definitely has the most interactive GUI of any of the Twitter clients in today's Hive. On top of features like threaded conversations and direct messages, you can grab pieces of your Twitter stream and pull them right off. See a topic you're interested in keeping an eye on? You can pull it right off into a separate window. Want more than one reply window to compose multiple messages? Not a problem. Tweetie is free—but ad-supported—you can pay $19.95 to get an ad-free version.

 DestroyTwitter (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free) DestroyTwitter is a very compact Twitter client that has a very IM-window kind of appearance. Everything is presented, by default, in one column which can be cycled through various views via the buttons along the top and bottom of the window—Home, Replies, Saved searches, for example. You can expand DestroyTwitter to present multiple columns at once and give it an appearance more similar to some of the other Twitter clients available, but many people prefer the simple and compact one column default. DestroyTwitter supports URL expansion and thumbnails, but it isn't readily apparent. Hold down the ALT key while mousing over items you want to expand.

 Sobees Free Sometimes the best things in (Twitter) life go unnoticed. The lesser-known, unconventional Sobees has been around for more than five years, swapping from private to public soon after the beta phase ended in 2010. Despite lacking a few of the flagship features one comes to expect from a quality Twitter client, the software remains industrious and highly customizable, allowing users to incorporate Facebook and LinkedIn alongside multiple Twitter accounts. The coupled UI is relatively bare, lined with messaging, list management, in addition to other notable options running the height of the window’s left-hand side, all of which are draped in a transparent layout chosen from a robust list of 16 differing designs. It boasts simple retweet functionality and innate status posting as well, but given the software is designed to be a all-encompassing social-networking beast of a client, it doesn’t offer tweet filtering, inline previews or other similar functions catered toward power users. Still, it’s simple and stable, and meshed with enough interface customization to give other desktop clients a run for their money — if the freemium utility actual came at a price.

Tweeki -Free Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: Tweeki requires users sign up with a free Intel account and install the regretful Pokki desktop client in order to utilize the Twitter software. It’s by no means ideal — no one should be required to install a platform that essentially functions as a Start menu replacement for Windows — but it’s not the most burdensome, bundled process or piece of software around either. Fortunately, if you move past the aforementioned installation hiccup, Tweeki offers some of the most basic functionality within a sleek design of an application on our list. The minimalist UI is far from overwhelming or obtrusive, garbed in a white-and-gray design and fixed to a specific, non-adjustable width of the developer’s choosing. Tweets, direct messages, lists, and other social interactions are readily available at the top of the window, with a blatant tweet composer nestled in the top-right corner for quick access in any scenario. Moreover, Tweeki features advanced URL shortening, inline media previews, cross-platform syncing, and badge and banner notifications indicating unread messages and the like. Plus, the feed automatically refreshes and the app handles switching between multiple Twitter accounts flawlessly.


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