Follow Easy Steps to Show Offline Certain People on Facebook

Follow these steps to go offline to one person on Facebook: If they appear in the Chat Bar at the side of your screen:
1. Click on the person
2. Click on the button in the middle of the camera and Close chat sign
3. Click Turn off Chat for (Persons name here)
 If the person does not appear at the side follow these steps
1. Go on their profile
2. Go on Message
3. Click the slanted arrow in the corner to see your full conversation with the person
4. Click on Actions
5. Scroll down to and click on Open in chat
6. Click on the thing in between the Recorder object and X
7. Scroll and click on " Turn of chat for (name here)"
When appearing offline you can still receive messages from the person but they will not Pop Up and not know you are online.
To hide them seeing your posts etc and communicating in the whole of Facebook go on there profile, click on the button next to Message then scroll down and click on block (then follow the easy steps on screen)


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