Easy to Make Natural Powder Makeup Foundation

IF you can't afford to buy your favorite brand right now, just look in your kitchen and bath and you just might find all you need to make your own. Your very own homemade powder makeup foundation can probably be found in your household cupboards. This recipe is for a powdered makeup foundation.

 Ingredients: •2T.Cornstarch •1T.Baby Powder •Cocoa Powder (amounts will differ per person)

•Container (empty mineral makeup container or an empty spice container with a shaker works well)

•Makeup Brush •optional ingredients: cinnamon, nutmeg Mix the cornstarch and baby powder together in a small bowl. Add cocoa powder in increments (this will give it the tint). I added mine in 1/4 to 1/2 t. at a time.
If you don't add at least some cocoa powder the product is going to come out very light on your skin. You need to add SOME cocoa powder so that you don't end up looking ghostly. The final results will depend on how light or dark and what you want to do with this. For a translucent powder you would only add a small amount. For a foundation you will add more. If you need something a little different try adding cinnamon or nutmeg to it and you will get a different shade. It all depends on you and your skin tone and what you want to use this recipe for. When your ready to try it out, shake some into the lid of your container, take a makeup brush and swirl it around and shake off the excess. Apply to your face and enjoy!


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