Easier to Change the Color of Your Facebook Profile

Facebook gets very boring after a while.Many Facebook users I know don't realize they can modify their Facebook page.This is one of the features that makes Facebook so unique. Everyone has the same looking page pretty much which lowers loading times and is much easier to use and navigate. First you need to be using Firefox as your web browser! If you do not have Firefox download it here for free! - Download Install Greasemonkey, which is an add-on for Firefox that lets you modify the way your Firefox pages look and run.
 Restart Firefox.
 Now you can either install 'Facebook Colour Changer' or 'Auto-Colorizer for Facebook'!
Facebook Colour Changer' allows you to pick the colors you want to use. Now, when viewing any page on Facebook simply go to 'Tools', 'Greasemonkey', 'User script Commands...' and then 'Customise facebook colours...' Select your colors, click "Set!", and you're done!
 Auto-Colorizer for Facebook' colorizes Facebook based on your friend's photos. Each of your friends gets their own great custom color scheme! Visit any profile or photo album on Facebook, and the page will change color schemes to match the photo.


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