Get Online Information of Land Record PUNJAB (Pakistan)

Punjab Government has started computerization of all data and records of lands in the province. A project management unit "Land Records Management and Information Systems" has been already been established and has achieved many goals. This management unit is working under Punjab Board of Revenue. Government of Punjab is willing to establish an accountable, efficient and secure land records system and ultimately establishing a Land Titling System. Contracts for data entry of land records of many districts in Punjab has been awarded to different firms. Advantages of LRMIS Through LRMIS (Land Record Management and Information Systems), people of Punjab will get rid of traditional land record system which is totally dependent on Patwaris and it is a known fact that most of them are extremely corrupt. Some of the key advantages of this system will be:
 1-Availability of all data online
2-Transparent and corruption free system
3-Biometric data entry
4-Land transfer within 50 minutes
5-Get "Fard" within 30 minutes


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