Get Information About Car & Bike Registration Through Mobile SMS in Punjab

The Punjab Excise and Taxation, Pakistan department has initiated a mobile SMS service for collecting information related to your vehicle, Express News reported on Thursday. Through this SMS service, all sorts of information related to one’s vehicle can be collected by sending an SMS to 9966. The service will cost Rs1.50 per SMS. This project was started by the Punjab government during the previous rule, which was delayed. However it has been completed now. Information related to token tax, income tax and other taxes that were paid during car’s registration can be collected via the SMS service along with other details, such as the owner’s name and who was it transferred to. This service would be helpful to the excise taxation team in verifying who has paid the tax and who hasn’t, right there and then. Furthermore, it will make it easy for the car owners to pay the tax to the excise team right there and collect a token. The car owner will later receive an SMS validating the payment and the detail about the excise tax officer, area and payment. *Note: If you need any correction in your vehicle record it can be made till 20th Feb 2014. To make a correction you can get from Excise and Taxation Office and send it to DG Office via post mail. For any query you can call toll free no 08000-9966