Electric E-Bike With Awesome Design

FEDDZ will win you over with its esthetics and functionality, giving you a new attitude toward urban life. New electric mobility with a radically new design or Whatever you want to call it, an e-bike, e-scooter, electric cruiser. FEDDZ is a Epic Bike and delivers the ultimate in driving fun in the city. Silent, free from oil, gas and without smelly emissions….that is what your driving future should be. This bike also have space to bring your things, The removable battery is important for city use, allowing you to recharge the battery in your apartment or at any electric outlet, This bike have standard premium Battery cells from Panasonic and Samsung. You have the option of two different battery types: the "ECO”, which can take you up to 70 km*, or the "PREMIUM”, with a driving range reaching up to 110 km. Watch Video The seat height can be adjusted to allow you to select between a comfortable upright posture or a more sporty, dynamic driving position. No noise and oil free riding experience. FEDDZ is light, maneuverable and made for those looking for added value. With three low gears to choose from, you can get started in a relaxed fashion or with sporty acceleration from 0 to 45 km/hr. You also can find inside the frame is a USB connection so that riders can charge their smartphones on the go. Specifications:
  • An electric motor is built into the hub of the bike's wheel.
  • The bike can be charged using a standard household power outlet and take around seven hours for a full charge
  • The bikes use the latest lithium-ion batteries.
  • The premium model has a range of 68miles (110km) and the eco one a smaller range of 43miles (70km).
  • The premium bike can reach 45kph and the eco model has a capped speed of 25kph.
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