Amazing Places in Pakistan

Pakistan has rich in culture and fascinating places for tourism.These fascinating places will make you want to pack your bags and leave immediately. 1:Kalash Valley This is Kalash Valley, Chitral. Where the Nuristani people of Kalash speak ‘kalashamondr’. Breathtaking! 2:Kalam Valley This is Kalam Valley, Swat. A tourist hot-spot, labeled as ‘mini-Europe’ by many. 3:Mud volcanoes Not exactly, these Mud volcanoes can be found in different regions of Balochistan. This particular one rests in Hingol, Balochistan. 4:Ghizer River This is the exotic Ghizer River in Gilgit-Baltistan.Wrapped around lush, green and pleasant landscapes, Ghizer is a diamond in the dirt. 5:Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains These are the Rakaposhi-Haramosh Mountains, Karakoram. Amongst the largest in the world, these mountains are a trekker’s fantasy. 6:Hunza Valley A window does open, but from the Hunza Valley, Gilgit-Balistan. The Burushaski speaking locals live a happy, peaceful life amidst cold weathers. 7: Katas The Katas Raj Temple in Chakwal, Punjab. Remains of the Buddhist Stupa, the Katas site houses the Satgraha, a group of seven ancient temples. 8:Ras Muari Cape Monze or locally known as Ras Muari, the Cape Mount Beach floats near the Gadani Beach, Karachi. 9:Hingol National Park The muscled formation of Hingol National Park in Hingol, Balochistan. Home to exotic wildlife, the Hingol National Park can serve as a stupendous tourist spot. 10:Shandur Lake A view of the frozen sunset captured in Shandur Lake, Gilgit-Baltistan. Where the locals like to play Polo and live ordinary lives, Shandur serves as a tourist’s delight. 11: Arang Kel This astounding, lush green tourist spot is Arang Kel, Azad Kashmir. Located on an altitude of 8,379 feet, this striking sight is a 2km trek from Kel. 12:Dharam Sar Lake Overcast weather in Dharam Sar Lake, Kaghan Valley. Resting in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, this attraction was largely rebuilt after 2005’s earthquake. 13:Sajikot The double-bed waterfall rests in Sajikot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Stagnant in the Hazara region, Sajikot would put any South American country to shame. 14:Moola Chotok This tourism deprived sight is known as Moola Chotok in Khuzdar, Balochistan. Amidst tense hold of nationalists in the Jhalawan belt, Chotok seems like a lost cause. 15:Neelam Valley This peach of a view is from the Neelam Valley, Kashmir. One of the better tourist ranges in Pakistan, this valley is a 200km long bow-shaped, deeply forested region. 16:Attabad Lake This shot from heaven was captured at the Attabad Lake, Hunza Valley. Created by a landslide in 2010, the locals like prefer referring to it as the Gojal Lake. 17:Pir Ghaib This is an awe-inspiring view of Pir Ghaib, Balochistan. Locals here believe in the myth of the Invisible Saint (Pir Ghaib), who was saved by the Almighty.


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