Useful Tips for Brilliant Writing

Best writer is not identified by how quickly one is able to write a piece but the effect it creates. It is essential for a writer to emphasize on value creation. Readers must learn or gain something from it to the extent that they show their appreciation and their inclination to share it. From a writer’s perspective, there are certain points that the author needs to adhere to for writing in a manner that makes it engrossing and easy to understand.
The beauty of the content does not lies in it being complicated and difficult to comprehend but in how easily it lets people have an understanding of the topic being dealt with. A writer can ensure this by sticking to an approach that emphasizes on quality accompanied with simplicity.Brilliant writing is simple writing, a relevant idea delivered clearly and directly.

1. Keep the language simple
Avoid using fancy terms or jargon for greater effect. The strength of a writer lies in simplifying complicated things and not in making simple stuff complicated. If the use of a technical term is necessary, give its meaning for readers to quickly grasp the context of its usage.

2. Do not digress from the focal point of text
Even when there are numerous sub-points to talk about, make sure that you deal with each in the same manner. Do not go beyond the premise of writing the article by taking the discussion elsewhere. Stick to a natural flow of ideas but structure them well.

3. Make it informative
The content must have something useful for the readers. Do not write for the sake of filling pages. Give something to readers to gain from and ponder over.
4. Structure the content well
Break the text into small paragraphs. Use subheadings to clearly segregate the content into sub-sections. For posting on web, use images to provide a graphical illustration. Enumerate the points in lists to enable quick skimming through the text.

5. Write with a purpose
Write only when you have something to say. Make sure the write-up does justice to your ideas and readers get the gist of it. Convey your ideas well with supporting facts and figures. Do not repeat what has been stated before unless you have more to add.

6. Use short sentences
Short sentences enable ease of understanding. As a result, assimilation is not a problem. This keeps readers glued to the text. Difficulty in understanding puts off people and fails to give a write-up a universal appeal.

7. Be precise
Precision is the key to good writing. Remove text that is irrelevant. Maintain the flow of ideas. Delete lines that digress from the core message only to return to it. Avoid sentences that do nothing to make it a compelling copy.

8. Get the people interested
It is a writer’s job to ensure that boredom does not set in while the reader is going through the text. Keep the reader interested by adding value to each paragraph. Add statistics or give information that makes people see the text as a valuable resource.

9. Avoid grammatical errors or spelling mistakes
There can be nothing worse for a writer than a text that attracts attention owing to spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. This makes the writer lose credibility instantly. The readers do not trust such a resource or write-up. Do not publish without editing and proofreading.

10. Emphasize on ease of comprehension
Use active voice to make the write-up easy to understand. Do not decorate the text with difficult words or complex sentence structures. Do not mistake good writing for a piece that experts will appreciate or the one that displays your language prowess. Focus on your audience instead.

11. Be your own critic
This is essential for any creative professional. Do not be in love with your own work. Look at your work objectively. Try to analyze it from the point of view of a reader. Ask yourself if you would appreciate the content if you were a person seeking information with no existing knowledge of the domain. Structure the content accordingly.
With billions of pages having been indexed by search engines, a lot of work needs to be done to make a page rank on the first page of search engine results against relevant keywords. Content forms the basis of all the initiatives. Everything from marketing to information sharing requires compelling content for a large number of people to opt to read and like it. This can only happen if the content is written with due consideration to a series of factors that give it a universal appeal.


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