Share Your Webcam on Skype

Skype,the software allows you to make phone calls over the Internet to other Skype users and phones, along with instant messaging and video calls. You can share your webcam on Skype so that the person you are talking to can see you. Skype is compatible with many different types of webcams, so in many cases the webcam built into your computer or the external webcam you have on hand will work well with this program.Sharing the webcam on Skype is easy because Skype turns on the cam and streams the video automatically. All you have to do is select a friend and click a button.

1-Open Skype and log in to your Skype account.

2-Click “Contacts” to display your contact list.

3-Select a contact from the list.

4-Click “Video Call.” Your webcam automatically turns on and is shared with the other person with the video call option, making it easy to chat and share your cam.

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