How to Use Devastated Things of Kitchen

These useful tips will help you in your kitchen.
1)Vegetables can be Regrow
cut the green onion from white side.
then put them in a glass of water and let them get some sunlight.
You can cut the green ends every few days for practically endless seasoning.

2)Orange Peels as a Pestisides
Orange peels can be use, especially if it’s summer.
Insects like mosquitoes and ants will stay away if you grind them up,
and they can get rid of bad smells.

3)Bake Up injured Fruit.
Over ripen, very dark bananas can make for flavorful banana bread.
Instead of throwing them out, bake them into a great dessert.

4)Fresh Your Pizza
You can make left over pizza crust crispy again, but don’t use the microwave.
Instead, put your soggy slices on a frying pan for 4-5 minutes on medium heat.
make a rounded lid out of aluminum foil to make sure the toppings get toasty, too.

5)Say “Cheese” to Milk
It can be hard to finish a whole gallon of milk before it expires, but don’t wait for it to change in yogurt.
Instead, set some aside and make cottage cheese.

6)Give bite to old Snacks
There’s no need to waste old chips. old snacks can be crisped up in to the microwave.
just put them on a microwave-safe plate and heat on full power for 10 seconds.

7)Make an ice Lolly
simple soda isn’t so great to drink, but it can make for a tasty treat with a little technique.
Pour some in an ice cube tray, stick toothpicks in each space, and enjoy your treats after they freeze.

8) Rethink Yesterday’s Loaf
Don’t waste old, dry bread. As long as it won’t chip by a tooth, chop it up,
cooked it with spices, and make corn bread for salads or soup.

9)Remove Sponge Bacteria
Your old sponge might look like a scrap
but two minutes in the microwave will kill more than 99% of the germs on it, making it good as new
but wet it first.

10)Get More juice Out of a Lemon
When a recipe calls for a few drops of lemon, don’t slice the lemon and squeeze.
Simply puncture the skin with a toothpick and gently squeeze out the small amount of juice you need.
Then cover the hole with a piece of tape and store the lemon in the fridge for later use.

11)Oiling of Eggs
Prolong the life of fresh eggs by dipping a paper towel into vegetable oil
and rubbing the shells before storing the eggs in the fridge.
The oil will keep the eggs fresh for an additional three to four weeks.

12)Surplus Bald Potatoes
If you find you’ve peeled too many potatoes for a potato salad or chat,
don’t mess the uncooked extras.Put them in a bowl, cover with cold water,
and add a few drops of vinegar. Now they will keep in the fridge for three to four days.

13)Last But not the Least.
When all else fails, composting your old fruits and veggies can help optimize the fertilizer you use for your garden.If you’re going to decompose them anyway, put them to good use.


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