To Get Rid Tan Lines Naturally and Quickly

Tan lines can look good sometimes, but face it, with some outfits they just don’t fly. Here’s the easiest way to get rid of your tan line in a matter of seconds. It’s the natural, cheap, and quick way of getting rid of tan line.Tan lines are especially annoying if you have a big event coming up. White, ill-placed strap marks may be noticed by friends and family and detract from your outfit. There are two ways to rid yourself of unsightly tan lines.

1-The first step to getting rid of your tan line is making this miracle mixture. Place one cup of baking soda in a bowl. Add half a cup of water to it and mix it up. This is not only a good exfoliate but a great way to get rid of your tan line.

2-Wet the skin that has the tan line on it. Place a good handful of the baking soda mixture and rub it for a good minute over your tan line.

3-If the tan line is still apparent after you rinse your skin then simpley repeat and rub harder.

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