Best Way to Make Your Hair Straight Naturally

There is no doubt about the fact that straight silky hair perks up a girl’s attitude quotient. However, the torture that our hair has to go through, during those hours of re-bonding, is certainly a put off for any sensible woman. For the women who shudder at the idea of hours of harmful chemicals and electrical appliances functioning on their hair, there is a better option, in the form of natural hair straightening methods. They are the best way to have straight silky hair, that too without the use of costly and harmful chemicals and certainly no side effects.
Natural straightening methods are cheap and easily available too. So, why are these methods not much popular? It’s because they take long hours and many months, to give the results. However, the results are the best; you get straight hair with shine, silky softness, that too for long-term. So, instead of wasting your time in hovering around salons, give yourself these treatments at home and find yourself with the straight hair only seen in advertisements.

1-Coconut Milk & Lemon
Coconut milk is an excellent natural way to push the curls out of your hair and make them straight. Fill a glass with freshly extracted coconut milk and add a little bit of lemon juice to it. Leave this mixture in the refrigerator for some time until a creamy layer is formed on the top of it. Thoroughly apply this cream on your scalp and then cover your head with a hot towel for some time. Now, wash your hair gently with a mild shampoo. Comb your hair for a few minutes while your hair is still wet. Repeat the procedure for 15-20 days and your hair will be straightened, naturally.
Another natural way of straightening your hair is by giving them the milk treatment. What you need to do is to fill a spray bottle with one third cup of milk. Wet your hair and dry them well before moving on to the next step. Now thoroughly apply milk to your scalp and leave it to dry. In the meantime, using the spray bottle, spray milk all over your hair and leave them to dry for 15-20 minutes. Now wash off the milk by shampooing your hair followed by conditioning. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner. Rinse with warm water and leave the towel on for 5 minutes. Now remove the towel and let them dry naturally or use a blow drier.
3-Hot Oil
Oil nourishes the roots of the hair, hydrates them, gives them a lustrous look, and also straightens them. Heat up some oil and apply it on the scalp and hair and leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes. Cover your hair with a plastic cap or with a warm towel. Now using a mild shampoo, wash your hair thoroughly and cover them towel for a few minutes. Let them dry naturally or use a blow drier. You’ll have straight and glossy hair at the end of it. You can either use coconut oil or a combination of 1:2 proportions of soy bean oil and castor oil respectively.
4-Eggs & Milk
You consume them to get stronger and fitter; now use them to get healthy and glossy straight hair. It’s the eggs and milk we’re talking about. But first wash your hair with a shampoo and comb using a solid, wide-toothed comb when dry. Next, stir one egg into two cups of milk and apply the mixture over your hair and wrap a plastic cap for 30 minutes over the hair to retain the moisture. Now wash your hair as usual using a mild shampoo. Using bobby pins and starting from the sides of your head and then back, pin your hair up and go to sleep this way. Wake up and take out the bobby pins and find naturally straightened hair.
5-Multani Mitti
Take one cup of multani mitti (fuller’s earth), one egg white and a few spoons of rice flour. Mix them with water and apply it on your hair. Apply it with a brush and simultaneously comb it. Leave it for half an hour and then comb it again, making it straighter. After combing the hair, leave it for two to three hours. You can comb in between too, to maintain the straight texture. Wash it off, to find silky, smooth and straighter hair.
Considering what you’ve just read, making hair straight naturally isn’t that much of task is it? So, say no to the heavy-on-the-pockets ways of straightening hair, and adopt any of the above procedures and get the straight hair you always dreamed of. Happy straightening!


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