Manage Your Desktop Icons Easily With Fences

Fences lets users clean up their desktop icons in moments. Users draw “fences” on their desktop which enables users to drag and drop icons into them. Users can have fences show and hide by double-clicking on the desktop. In addition, users can control which icons show and hide when the desktop is double-clicked on allowing for easy desktop clean-up.

Fences quickly and easily organizes your icons into separate windows on your desktop, either automatically or manually. Labeling these boxes helps keep programs, photos, files, and Web links together, or you might choose to group by project rather than by file type. Whatever your logic, you’ll be able to drag and drop fences (and the shortcuts within them) anywhere on your desktop.

You can furthermore drag and drop shortcuts anywhere, and resize the fence. A scroll bar pops up so you can find your icons in fences that you’ve resized to be smaller than their contents. In addition to sorting shortcuts, you can cleverly hide them completely by double-tapping the desktop; double-tapping again resurfaces them. Fences helpfully lets you exclude select fences from hiding. Customization tools can change the color scheme or take snapshots of your layout at any time, in case you’d like to switch among them without completely redoing your arrangement.
System Requirements

  • Requires: Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
  • 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 and Vista are supported

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