Grow Your Eyebrows With Natural Method

If you attempt to pluck your eyebrows and mistakenly over pluck them, you may feel disheartened, fearing they will never grow back again. Like all other hair on your body, eyebrows will grow back. Six to eight weeks is considered a normal regrowth period. Moreover, you can help encourage their regrowth.
Step 1
Take vitamins A, B3, C, D and E. These vitamins are said to help stimulate eyebrow re-growth. Certain aspects of vitamin D appear to have some significance in assisting with hair regrowth. According to the Dermatology Online Journal, “The vitamin D receptor, independent of vitamin D, plays an important role in hair cycling.” Remember to consult with your doctor before adding vitamins to your daily diet.
Step 2
Massage a small drop olive oil onto the brow area with a fine eyebrow brush or a cotton swab, and then rinse away with tepid water. Include this step along with your regular beauty regimen every day to assist with re-growing your eyebrows.
Step 3
Apply castor oil repeatedly only to the brow area. Castor oil can be even more effective than olive oil and offers dual benefits in that it not only enhances eyebrow re-growth, but it also strengthens the eyebrows by thickening them up.
Step 4
Rub petroleum jelly on the affected brow area with a cotton swab. Petroleum jelly assists in the growth of thicker eyebrows.
Step 5
Massage your eyebrows twice a day with an eyebrow brush, massaging them in the direction of the hair to help boost re-growth.

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