How to Get Protection from Computer Radiations

Computer radiation is a growing problem. It’s growing because we use computers more and more in our daily lives and we tend to use more and more laptop computers which are equipped with WiFi. My tests show that an ordinary laptop computer can be a considerable source of electrical, magnetic and radio frequency radiation. It’s about time that we began to consider what effect these technologies have on us, particularly on our health.
There are some simple tips to protect yourself from computer radiations:

  • Laptop produces more radiations than the desktop computers.
  • Try to use your laptop on battery rather than direct supply.
  • Not to use laptop on your lap.
  • A pad for laptop may be useful to avoid radiations.
  • While using a desktop you can use a radiation filter.
  • Don’t sit too close to the screen and maintain a distance from power cables and CPU.
  • Put some radiation absorbing plants near your computer to prevent computer radiation.Putting several potted cactus can help absorb some of the harmful radiation.
  • Have a high intake in food rich in Vitamin A and C.
  • These includes foods such as apples,tomatoes,carrots and cherries.These vitamins can help reduce the harmful effects of computer radiation.
  • Keep watching and keep washing your face.Just washing your face can help washing radiation particles from your face.Because your face is closet object to the computer.
  • Older type of computer especially monitor produce more electro magnetic radiation than the new ones.So,if is is possible try to replace the old with new ones.
  • Since computer radiation can also affect and harm your skin,you can apply a layer of facial mask to prevent yourself from the rays.
  • You need to take regular break while working at your computer just go outside for while or look through a window for a while.
  • Banana is very good for eye irritation from the computer.
  • salt crystal lamp can absorb radiation in the area.


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