To Get Detailed Information About Your PC With Speccy

If you’re upgrading your Windows system or troubleshooting it, it’s good to know what’s going on inside with the hardware. Here’s how to use the free utility Speccy to get detailed information about your PC.

First download and install the free version of Speccy from Piriform – the developer’s of the popular utility CCleaner. Installation is straight-forward following the wizard.

Speccy will analyze your system and display – a lot of information. It starts by giving you an overall summary of your system including the OS, CPU, RAM, Graphics Card and more.

If you want to add RAM to your system, this is an unobtrusive way to find the type you need.

Click on Motherboard to see the type you have – including the BIOS version.

Notice it also displays the temperature your system’s components are running at. Click on the icon to get a detail graph as the temp fluxuates.

If you’re troubleshooting your system, Speccy is very handy. You can take a snapshot of you system and send it to tech support.