New Makka’s Project in Future

Saudi Ideas Development Group proposed the biggest model for a development project for the holy places in the 11th scientific forum or Hajj Research in Um Al Qurra University. Yousef Bin Awad AL Ahmadi, the president of Saudi Ideas Development Group, presented the idea and clarified to “Al Riyadh” that the idea of the project is to increase the area of Mina from 2 million square meters to 20 million square meters to accommodate around 10 million Pilgrims in an average cost of 40 trillion Riyals, which is to create a building of 12 repeating levels with air-conditioned open halls with all the services and reachable by all transportations. The Pilgrims can go and come back from Jamarat and their residence without leaving the floor, with the ground floor and the roof open to everyone.

Al Ahmadi added that the features of developing Arafat project is to double the designated space for pilgrims, cars and pedestrians in addition to solving the pollution problem and keeping the vehicles in the upper floor and depending on the trains and busses for transportation as well as isolating the pedestrians from the movements of vehicles and trains and adding green spaces and comfortable spaces for parking.

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