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Website Design

NBI provides a wide array of website design services; ranging from fully custom designs complete with print, mobile, and screen styles to very affordable website template designs. Regardless of which design package a client chooses NBI can install the formVista Website Management Engine and provide a package complete with hosting, content management, e-mail and more.

Website Updates

Is the most recent news item on your site dated 6 months ago? Do you have 5 clients that you’d like to add to add to your outdated client list? Do you have new products, offerings, or announcements that aren’t online?

This isn’t at all uncommon of busy organizations and small businesses that don’t have the staff to dedicate to maintaining their website.

The NBI team can give your site a tune-up.

Whether it’s just changing a few paragraphs of text, or adding entirely new sections just get in touch with us and let us know what you need.

We do website update/maintenance on an hourly basis, and can help you turn your site into a finely tuned machine.


For businesses and organizations that require the ability to process credit card transactions online an e-commerce site gives them the ability to sell their products and services to customers 24 hours a day.

In conjunction with the Website Edit Engine, GoalTracker, integrated CRM and E-Newsletter Management systems our clients are equiped with a comprehensive online business system.

Managed Hosting Services

NBI offers a number of different managed hosting packages for both websites and e-mail. All include unlimited phone and e-mail support.

Our network is multi-homed, which means that we are connected to the internet through two completely separate dedicated Internet circuits running BGP through two separate tier-1 providers to ensure maximum uptime and the shortest ping times to major sites.

Our power backup needs are handled by a stand-alone, auto-failover 15KW generator, which makes us completely independent of the electrical grid and municipal gas line infrastructure.

NBI runs a complete mirror of each server at our secondary network operations center, and makes daily backups of all client data and e-mail to ensure protection of our clients’ online data.

All of our servers run enterprise class Linux and are assembled, configured and security hardened in-house by our staff, which means we have all the technical experience and access to respond to client requests as they arise.

Website Content Management Solutions

NBI provides hosted content management solutions custom tailored to our client’s needs. Our managed hosting packages include both the training and support to enable businesses to manage and maintain their websites; whether it be just a single page or the entire website.

If you have, or are interested in using a CMS package that is not listed below get in touch with us and we can take a look at it. We are always learning and experimenting with different platforms and technologies and as such can quickly come up to speed with whatever technology that you need.

Managed E-mail Hosting at Your Domain

NBI includes a complete NBE-mail, managed e-mail hosting solution with its website hosting packages.

An NBE-mail account provides its customers with domain e-mail and allows them to easily manage their “virtual mail server” with an easy-to-use web-based interface.

The web-based interface allows you to easily add and modify mailboxes. It also provides its customers with the ability to check and send e-mail from a website control panel. If you are on vacation, at a client site, or just not at your desk, you can check your e-mail, respond, and then be able to later download your mail when you get back to the office.

Website Tracking and Business Intelligence

When asked about a website tracking and analytics package that can provide the actionable intelligence needed to increase website effectiveness we recommend formVistatm GoalTracker.

GoalTracker goes way beyond a simple hit counter. Tied into both your optional e-mail newsletter system and your website, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening on your site. Here is just an sample of some of the questions you’ll be able to answer:

How many human beings visit my website? Many popular sites get as much a 75% non-human website visitors or BOTS. A BOT is a search engine spidering your site, an e-mail harvester (looking for e-mail that’ll later be sent SPAM), link validators, and others. Without an effective way of filtering out these non-human visitors trying to find any kind of meaningful pattern of activity on your website is virtually impossible. MOBIE::goalTrackers automatically filters out BOTS, showing you a count of unique human visitors.
How are people finding my site? This report gives you a breakdown of all of the links that generate traffic to
your site.
What search engines generate the most traffic? This report provides a breakdown of all search engines that drive traffic to your site.
What are the most popular search terms used by people who visit my site? This report will give you a breakdown of all the search terms that are used by people who click-through to your site; giving you a way to link directly to the search engine and to see not only the search that drove traffic to you and how you rank.
What is my most popular Entry Page? This report tells you the page that the most people are using to get into your site.
What is the most popular page on my site? This report will give you a breakdown of popularity of the pages on your website.
And the most useful: Am I Achieving my Goals? This is the heart of MOBIE::goalTracker; it allows you to define measureable goals on your site and then track back each success to its source. For example; Let’s say that you’ve got a Contact Form on your site, and you typically get a new customer for one out of every three form submissions. With MOBIE::goalTracker you can quickly look at each one and then determine:
How they found the site
Which page they entered
See the click-trail that they followed
Armed with this new information you can determine how to tweek your site for success and increase your response rate. This is just a simple example of how GoalTracker works and can be beneficial.

Custom Software Development

In addition to our turnkey solutions, NBI offers Custom Development services to enable you to get exactly what you need from your online systems.

All of the software that we use is Open Source, which gives us the ability to design and fabricate customized modules, plug-ins, and entire systems that are built just for you. The best part about that, is that because it’s all Open Source, you can take whatever we build for you to any other competent developer and they should be able to run with it.

Whether you know exactly what it is that you need built or need some help fleshing out the design of your new sytem we can turn your ideas into reality.

Typically, the first stage in a custom sofware development project is a Requirements Analysis.

If you would like more information about these services or would like to talk to one of our representatives.


NBI has extensive experience developing Multimedia Applications to help companies both market and sell their products and services.

We can develop Flash Animations for your website, or we can create stand alone CD-Roms or multimedia Kiosks to help you showcase your products and services.

If you need a multimedia application to include digital video, custom animation, custom application programming, and/or dynamically generate data from databases we can take care of it.

Consulting Services

Website Design

Our consultants each have over 10 years of computer industry experience. We can help you with:
Software development
Database design and programming
User Interface Design
Multimedia programming
Requirements Analysis and Needs Assessment

Graphic Design and Related Services

NBI also provides a host of other multimedia and graphic design services.
With experience in everything from logos, animated presentations and kiosk creation, animated banner ads, cards and letterhead, to posters and brochures we are able to produce additional collateral materials for your company that will not only help you stand out from your competition but also clearly communicate your message to your clients and prospects.


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