Latests Technology In Cars

We have come a long way since the inception of automobile, and with all this passing time they have become much more than just a mere mode of transportation for us. More than just ferrying people from one place to another, there have a number of new dimensions added to cars and their development, as people eventually started traveling more and more.

We have come an age when cars were just a simple structure and mechanism, to hi-tech and swanky ones in the present time. With much more attention being paid to passenger comfort, safety, convenience and emission control, we now have cars with superior technology, unthinkable of even three decades back!

From features like auto dimming of the rear view mirrors and rear view mirrors automatically turning down as one shifts into reverse gear, to rain sensor vipers, from headlights automatically turning to certain angle on the side of the respective turn to assist better visibility, and wash sprays for the headlights, to display screens informing about fuel consumption and the range it can travel with the remaining fuel. From heated and ventilated seats and massaging seats to voice-activated GPS navigation system which helps plan out a convenient route to reach a destination.

But that’s still not all; in fact it’s just the starting of the list, which has a lot to follow. Here’s an insight to what all has been introduced or is about to be introduced in the cars: -

Navigation system: This feature has already been in use in certain parts of the world and is soon making its way into other parts. A navigation system comprises of a user screen fitted in the car’s dashboard and once the user has fed in the destination, this feature helps chalk out the route by giving out verbal directions, and hence it reduces the trouble of finding a place to quite an extent. This feature employs global positioning satellite and can also be connected to cellular phones and PDA’s.

Economy mode: Just like the way electrical appliances come with the option of power saving, similarly car manufacturers have also devised a way to make cars that can itself assess ways to switch off features like the air-conditioner, etc as and when its not required, thereby saving onto fuel which further means lesser emissions.

Curtain airbags: Though airbags have been in use since a while which have been providing safety basically from the front, the new edition is having curtain airbags which translates into airbags on the sides of the car, fitted in the headliner area, just above the car’s windows, ensuring safety from head injuries for the occupants of the vehicle in case of a mishap.

Black box technology: Just like the airplanes have black box fitted to record the events during flight, which are useful in finding details incase of a mishap, a similar technology is now coming to cars as well! With this technology, the details of the car like speed, location of the vehicle etc, at a certain given time can be recorded.

This can be especially useful while claiming insurance in case of an accident or certain other legal matters.

Run-flat tires: This is more of a safety and convenience feature, which is already available in certain cars. With this feature the tire retains its original shape even in deflated condition, and it can go like that to quite a considerable distance. This can be quite useful especially while driving in emergency case, or at times when immediate assist is not present.

Self-parking feature: This is quite an advanced feature that is going to make its way to the cars, which in simple terms means a car that can park by itself, without the driver being seated inside the car! The user just needs to get off the car right before its about to be parked, and then just by the press of a button the car would move on its own and get parked. This feature really adds a lot to the convenience of the user, especially in tight parking spaces. (See video)

Radars and cameras for safety: Yes the cars are going to be fitted with radars and cameras that would sense a potential hazard and accordingly warn the driver.

Wi-fi hook up’s: A new technology is being developed that would give information on weather, news and certain other important things with the help of wi-fi system to the car users.

Electrical power supply: A 40-volt electrical system would be provided in the vehicles, which would make it convenient to use various electrical device.

Programmable vehicles: With electronic system assistance one can now program the car by choosing the mode in which one wishes to drive, for example one can choose between sporty or luxury drive, or one can also change the ground clearance as required.

This probably still, might not be end of it all, as manufacturers are still striving their best by putting in efforts in their R&D and trying to create more such amazing features that makes cars, and driving them, very convenient and safe to use.


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